The first dream journal with a focus to make dream recording as effortless as possible

While we are sleeping, the most awesome memories are created, in a world where anything is possible.

Sadly, soon after waking up, they are forgotten. Don't let them go to waste, record them! With DreamFort!

Simple & Quick

We know, writing down your dreams after waking up is tedious.

This is why DreamFort makes it easy. It will take you only a few seconds!

Just add keywords in the morning. You will remember the dreams later in the day and can fill out the full dream then (for example during your commute).


Delightful recording of dreams
DreamFort makes it easy to effortless record your dreams. With Siri, you can even dictate your dreams.
Securely storing your dreams on your phone
Dreams are highly personal, and we value your privacy. Nobody can access your dreams, except you.
No registration required
Again, we value your privacy. You don't need to provide any personal data to use DreamFort.
Free, forever
Everything DreamFort offers right now will be free, forever.

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